Teleportation Transmitter

The filtered electron from the spin polarizer is applied to the stored entangled electron. The polarizer is engineered to be a component of an artificial molecule such that any filtered electron is occupying a valance orbital in common with the stored Entangled electron. By virtue of the Pauli exclusion principle, the stored entangled particle can be forced to any spin state needed to transmit a message. *The polarizer can be dynamically changed to filter for any spin state and maintain extended state periods by muluitple applications of filtered electrons.

Teleportation Receiver

When the transmitting entangled electron is set to a spin state, the receiving entangled electron is set to the opposite state. The recieving electron normally passes through spin filters randomly when in a binary zero state. When the spin state of the transmitting electron is fixed for an extended period the particle is dectected at the particular spin filter. Because the spin state is extended it is interpreted as a binary one.