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ETís Physics


The communications devices that ET uses are based on entanglement effects of atomic particles. This concept lead ET physicists to rethink what and how spatial dimensions manifest. All attributes of matter are undefined until matter reacts with other particles. Einsteinís theory of relativity correlates a relationship between matter and space but can not directly link the two as matter. For some strange reason matter can affect space, there really isnít a how or why it just works out that way. ET scientist took a bolder step in their definition of space. ET scientists use the Schrodinger equation to describe space itself! In other words space is a part of matter. The Schrodinger equation represents a distribution volume that extends to infinity; it is where a particle can exist. What that means is each and every particle is a universe unto itself and each particleís manifold (space) over laps with other particle manifolds. The energy state of a particle determines how its distribution curve skews. So where a particle is likely to be found is dynamic and because of this quality, the effects of relativity can be realized. By skewing the distribution curve of a particle it is in effect shaping space. This is very different form viewing space as the all-encompassing container of everything.

Entanglement can take advantage of what ET calls Schodinger space. What ET finally realized is that a fourth dimension existed . But this dimension can only realize itself as a virtual dimension. The fourth dimension can only be experienced as a point in three-dimensional space. What happens in Entanglement is the 4th dimensional point of two-particle manifolds merge. Once the manifolds of two particles merge through the 4th dimensional point, no matter how far apart the particles are in three dimensions; they are still connected through the 4th dimension. Itís like a wall that separates two rooms. A clearer example would be a sheet of paper with a dot on the top and bottom of it, fold the sheet so that the two dots meet. Youíll notice that in the two-dimensional world the dots are separated by the distance of the length of the sheet, but in the three dimensional world the 2D space is curved and the two dots are merged to one point. The two dots merge at a three-dimensional point. Youíll also notice that the 3D universe can only be experienced by the 2D world as a single point! Below is a diagram that depicts a similar effect with three dimensions. 3D space in 4D space can bend with out the need of energy. You see the distribution curve of particles when entangled are in a torus like shape, tapering to a point.

Normally the particleís manifold appears as a torus with its center collapsed to a point.

With this interpretation of space-time as a product of matter, which is represented by the Schrodinger Volume, it integrates space and energy. This allows for a consistency of force carriers to be in the form of a photon and implicitly proves gravity to be such.

A probability realm can be Faster Than Light, such is the case of the "Big Bang", before the expansion all of the matter's probability curves constrain to the greatest probability of existence to within the event horizon. When the black hole opens the probability curves expand well beyond the event horizon instantly. It is the interactions of particles with gravitons that slow this expansion to something that is still faster than light.

Since weíre on the topic of FTL Iíll go over ETís unified field theory, since its kind of related. ET stop trying to describe matter in ever smaller pieces. They discovered smaller and smaller particles if they could generate enough energy. This led to a cleaner model of matter. Fields are actually virtual mass states of a particle, in other words a particle radiates from a loci in various forms. The particles mass states will change over distance due to probability amplitudes, similar to Quantum Electro Dynamics. So electric, magnetic, gravity, nucleonic and the weak force, which are all virtual particles, are a mass state of a particle. The rest mass of the particle cannot under normal circumstances move faster than light, but its virtual mass states can. Virtual particles can move faster than light because Relativity only applies to rest mass. Rest mass can only approach the speed of light. So a particleís fields can affect a reaction FTL, but the rest mass of the particle can not. Now since the building blocks of atoms are not getting smaller than electrons, protons and neutrons, how can smaller particles be explained?

Smaller particles are in-term states of energetic reactions, in other words, in a reaction matter will assimilate to energy states to reach a mass state. The sub atomic particles are not made up of these smaller particles, but these smaller particles can re-assimilate into the sub atomic components, much like water bubbles can merge to form larger bubbles. Now this merging is not a collective of smaller particles as stated before, but is the mass resultant of the absolute energy of the smaller particles.

Iíll close with ETís explanation of the creation of the universe. One characteristic of matter is its ability of metamorphosis. Matter can transform from virtual particles to rest mass and vice a versa. Natureís accounting is very exact and the total energy from the transformation is always the same. The metamorphosis serves a purpose, it allows nature a pressure relief valve. If a reaction is so energetic that the components that make up the reaction can not represent the total energy, matter will transform into a particle that can represent the energy state. .Black holes pose a strange paradox under Relativity, the Black Hole can ultimately collapse to a point, raising its energy state to infinity. As a Black hole collapses to itís doom, the matter that makes up the hole can no longer represent its energy state. By virtue of the transformation nature of matter, the Black Hole reaches a condition where the matter transforms into massive virtual particles. Nothing can leave a Black hole but a FTL particle. These photons are FTL and have masses in the order of galaxies! Since these photons have such large masses the black hole looses mass at an enormous rate, lowering the mass density and permanently opening the hole. The photons, within nano-seconds, reintegrate back into rest mass as matter and anti matter. The matter and anti-matter annihilate into what we now know as the universe.

The initial black hole could have been cause by quantum vacuum energy. This happens by a rare event where quantum vacuum energy condenses to a quantum singularity. Over hundreds of billions of years the quantum singularity accumulates enough mass to cause its annihilation. ET also suggest that our universe may have been spawn from a Black hole from a previous universe. ET is saying that it is likely that there are many universes beyond the realm of our universe.

One last bit of ETís knowledge of the universe.The expansion of the universe that is partially due to quantum vacuum energy particles, is caused by gravity from the universe. Acting as a pump, the universe's gravity pressurizes itself by sucking in vacuum particles from outside the universe! The pressure is small but over billions of years amounts to a fantastic velocity! Also the gravity pump causes currents of quantum vacuum energy particles, which results in galaxies being pushed or distributed disproportionately with respect to their age. Some older galaxies can be pushed inward, while younger galaxies would be pushed further than they would normally from the big bang.