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How ET Arrived

The Amazing Revelation

ET incorporates only physics that we have observed and documented. The whole problem with current ET theories is they don't explain how ET solves very basic issues of space travel. Star Trek mentalities are not viable solutions under realistic scenarios. Although everyone really wants a Star Trek future that view is not a practical solution.> It's not practical not because we don't know how to make warp drives it is because the probabilities of finding intelligent life drop to near zero using Star Trek ships since there are just too many stars to explore to hit pay dirt. Resources, Time and public interest of a ET society for exploration of the galaxy render an ET presence here on earth to a near impossibility with conventional sci-fi thinking. UFO theories reflect exactly what people believe space exploration will be. Those ideas require some kind of break through in our observations of physics. Note I said observations not a technological break through in the implementation of physics. Warp drives, worm holes and the like require that we experience something in nature in the future that will give us the ability to have such privileges. Science doesn't really work that way. No one during Benjamin Franklin's time said: "You know we need to have some kind of break through in science in order to learn how to make televisions, radios, computers and microwave ovens!" Even though the phenomena of electricity was widely known at the time. In order for ET to cross the vast cold darkness of space and find intelligent life they need to figure out how to solve the problem of reaching billions of stars.

Before we go further I want to take a sidetrack and explore a quantum phenomena called particle entanglement. Particle entanglement is a strange aspect of matter that even Einstein found difficult to accept. In order to appreciate the phenomena Iíll have to explain a few features of quantum mechanics discovered about sub-atomic particles. Particles can only define themselves with attributes when they are measured. The proof to this claim has been demonstrated in countless experiments. What this means is that matter has all its attributes super imposed over one another and when a particle is measured is when an attribute is defined. Exactly which attribute will define itself is completely random. Einstein was so frustrated by this behavior it inspired his famous quote; "God doesnít play dice with the universe!" when arguing with Neils Bohr. Bohrís response was: "Stop telling god what to do!" Not as famous a quote but very profound. Now particle entanglement violates the very quantum nature of matter. When particles are entangled and one measures one of the partnered particles the other particle takes on the exact opposite attribute of the measured particle instantly. This phenomena happens no matter how far apart the particles are! But this canít be since a particleís attributes can not be defined prior to measurement. Some how the two particles are communicating to one another faster than light! This phenomena is the basis for modern day teleportation theories. Teleporation or particle entangled communication systems is the process that ET uses to communicate in real time to its exploration systems. Yes ET communicates in real time from their star system tens of thousands of light years away with science that we today have observed and documented. The teleportation method used by ET does not clone quantum states of particles. It uses the very nature of particle entanglement to communicate a qu bit of information. The receiver senses any change in the sending particle; since each particle is always in the opposite state of the other. The system requires that the particles be stored, one on the sending end and one at the recieving end, and when measured are not destroyed or lost. This technique does not requires information be transmitted to the receiving station classically. This is not pseudo science but actual experimental evidence collected by reputable physicists that has demonstrated faster than light communication, in fact it is instantaneous!

Now for the real revelation, what we all expect ET to come riding in on is completely wrong. If we use the Drake equation to get an idea of how many civilizations may be out there that have radio technology it is around 2400. But finding them in a galaxy of 200 billion stars becomes impossible. No society could build enough ships the size of the enterprise to reach enough stars to find intelligent life, it would bankrupt a world of its resources. Even the amount of time involved to explore even a handful of worlds would bore a society within a few decades if not years. How many of you can name any of the astronauts of the NASA shuttle program? How many can name any experiment aboard any of the shuttle missions?

So how can ET get here and solve all the technical, economic and sociological problems? ET is the master of nano-technology, ETís spacecraft do not carry living occupants, ETís spacecraft are no larger than a pea! ET has made billions of these ships to explore billions of stars. Each star is sent several small ships so as to insure a successful mission in case one ship should fail for whatever reason. The nano-ships do not contain any miniature rocket engines or fuel. The small ships can be accelerated with far less energy than what would be required for any Star Trek ship. A solar sail propels the pea size ship. The sail is super thin much like an insectís wings only thinner! The ship tacks around ETís sun to accelerate to 30 percent the speed of light. It journeys to its star where it tacks to decelerate. It uses infrared and optical sensors to detect planets with the greatest probability of sustaining life. The ship detaches from its sail once it determines it will land.

The nano-ships contain all the computers systems, and encoded von Neumann machines to carry out an exploration mission. Once the ship lands on the planet it begins to grow into the equipment it was programmed to form to explore the planet. This includes the ET Surveyor, thatís right the ET Surveyor is manufactured here on earth with ET nanobots that spawned from the pea size ship! ET has real time communications with the probe. Information from the sensors of the probeís Neumann machines is transmitted to transceivers that can be coupled to their brains. ET can see, feel, hear and smell everything here on earth as if they where really here, itís called telepresence. As I stated on other pages it's just amazing how ET got here!

As you can pretty much figure out being able to send billion of ships to explore billions of stars makes the certainty of finding intelligent life a very real possibility. ET need only invest a small amount of resources to build these ships and accelerate them to 30 percent the speed of light. Because nano-technology automates the manufacturing of the ships it is very inexpensive. The launching of the pea size ships is automated as well. ETís society may loose interest as their nano-ships take years, decades, centuries and even tens of millennia to reach their destination, but once the ships do, ET can explore those worlds immediately. In essence with an investment of time ET can build an intergalactic network of entangled particle communications systems, in effect an empire. There is no limit as to what the von Neumann machines can be instructed to form. These devices are in concept similar to Field Programmable Gate Arrays, FPGA. FPGAs are microchips that can be programmed on the fly to form into any type of electrical circuit. So too can ETís von Neumann machines be programmed to form whatever ET needs to carry out its mission. There are many more details as to how this technology works and what ET can do Iíve just touched on the tip of the iceberg.