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How Saucers Work

How it Works

Many Ufologists have claimed that the strange disk objects of metal flying in the sky are of extra-terrestrial origin and have an anti-gravity propulsion system. That belief stems from a culture that could only imagine flying vehicles of metal and could only hover with the super science of anti-gravity. The ET Surveyor is composed of various silicon and carbon composites. It uses this combination because of its thermal properties for propulsion and the protection it provides when it reaches high velocities. Unlike popular belief the vessel can not leave the atmosphere. The Surveyor is manufactured using nano-technology. The composite material is pieced together atom by atom to form a small sphere. The spheres are hollow on the inside and air tight. The spheres are then pieced together to form a Sierpinski gasket which is the bulk of the body. In fact because the spheres are hollow and the fractal nature of a Sierpinski gasket, the material is 90 percent empty space! The material is extremely light and yet is as strong as steel due to the Sierpinski gasket construction. Because of the construction of the material the ET Surveyor is made of, it is buoyant in air, yes believe it or not it's a high tech zeppelin! The lift to mass ratio is greater in the Surveyor because unlike zeppelins and balloons that carry the weight of the lighter than air gases, the Surveyor's material contains nothing but a vacuum.

So how does a lighter than air vehicle fly at speeds up to 7000 mph? I’m glad you asked. To understand the Surveyor's propulsion system you have to appreciate the saucer shape that forms an excellent airfoil design. The Surveyor’s surface is divided into sections each section can be heated to temperatures up to 2000 degrees C. Now if several sections on one side of the saucer are heated it will force air away from the surface pushing the vehicle. As the temperature gets even hotter the air moves even faster pushing harder, the airflow over the saucer then moves as if it were in a ramjet! Cool air from one side gets suck over to the high temperature end and then thrown away at a very high velocity. The Disk can be heated on any end allowing for extreme braking, turning and acceleration. The heated section can get so hot the saucer can glow from red to white, why you may see a saucer change colors as it accelerates, decelerates or turns. Velocities beyond 7000 mph cause the surface temperature to rise to the temperatures of the heated sections. This renders the ramjet effect useless, since the air is at a uniform temperature through out the air foil of the saucer. Now you can see why these vehicles can not leave the atmosphere, the atmosphere is what it needs to move about.


The energy source of the Surveyor is electrical, it is an elaborate process of organizing atoms and connecting the electrical potential of each atom. Batteries we use today use a net electrical potential as atoms are organized randomly for their electrical potential. Because the mass to energy ratio in the Surveyor is so great it can accelerate to over 75 Gs! All the controlling systems, computers, sensory and communications systems are atom size circuits integrated into the Surveyor’s internal structure. The Surveyor is not a vessel to carry living occupants. The Surveyor can carry equipment to explore any ground sites and take samples.

This system is perfect for moving about a planet with a thick atmosphere such as earth. Its high velocity allows it to reach any place on the planet within a few hours. The saucer is not limited to the altitude of a balloon because the air foil shape flies. The maximum altitude of this vehicle is around 250,000 feet!

Now that you understand how ET's saucers work get ready for more revelations as the magic of our galactic neighbors is exposed. Here is a hint: ET is so ingenious that not one of you would guess exactly how they traversed the vast distance of dark cold space. When I discovered the truth I was completely amazed. No warp drives, wormholes, nukes, ion drives or transporter beams, it’s just amazing!