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ET Discovers Life on Earth

I oftened wondered if ET created life here on earth and for some strange reasson I was guided to the Raelian movement. I heard of the Raelians who believe extraterrestrials created all life on earth and their leader Rael was contacted by ET. After serveral disscusions with some of the Raelians I was then enlightened to reality. After my expreince with ET I went back to the Raelian board. I have re-created the board discussion here.

A Conversation with a Raelian

Me: Overall Rael's description is too simple and filled with inconsistencies. ET's true transportation is nothing like you would expect. Our medieval concepts of modifying a boat and attaching warp engines are laughable. No way would you expect how ET solved the phenomenal problems of interstellar travel. Several other points I'd like to indicate that do not match what I have experienced:

Opposed to what Rael says ET is not human, they look nothing like us!

One more thing Rael doesn't clearly understand and that is why doesn't ET make contact? Answer, straight from ET;"Humanity could not answer our questions about themselves."

Raelian named Jiro Kambe:

Jiro: "Your extraterrestrials are perhaps another hamanity, but they are not the Elohim. Our creators know everything about us and do not see us as separate from them."

This is my reponse:

Some ETs have a similar belief of humanity as Raelians and this is one of the problems that the discovery of earth and humanity has had on ET's society. When ET first landed on earth (which was not in any form of conventional spacecraft as describe in science fiction) some 50,000 years ago they were not impressed with humanity. In fact they theorized that manís high density of neurons might have been the reason as to why humanity was slow. Remember 50,000 years ago man was a simple hunter-gatherer, with simple tools. An ability to verbally communicate but no written word, so humanity was forgotten.

Some 40,000 years later man discovers agriculture and things change. Man masters the written word, build roads, invents a monetary system, forms governments, builds armies and weapons. ET takes interest again. The experiments become more psychologically based, manipulating parts of the brain to gain insight to this new phenomena of man. But then the arguments as to why man stagnates are raised. Humanity's technology does not change for thousands of years. You must understand ET's society has had very sophisticated technology for several hundred thousand years. This society is spoiled by immediate gratification. The notions of ET's own evolution is almost mythical in itís general publicís mind. They do not view us as how they evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago. So humanity again is classified as an intelligent life form but with limitations. Limitations that dealt with our inability to challenge authority peacefully, which they attributed to the physiology of our brains. In this regard ET thought of itself as unique in the universe.

With the detonation of the first atom bomb came a slew of new interest in mankind, only now ET was very wrong about humanity. Not only was ET wrong about manís abilities ET was wrong about itself. A new contender had arisen, man proved to be faster than ET at adapting and developing new tools and implementing them sociologically, despite ET's superior brain. Manís advantage was subtle, humans are willing to take greater risks to reach objectives. This can be a good thing or bad depending on the circumstances but generally the good out weighs the bad since the benefits become exponential. Experts find themselves at a loss as to how they could be so wrong. ETís society is now in shock; rumors and myths of scientists interfering in manís evolution begin to run rampant. Some myths go as far as stating ET scientists created man. ETís vanity becomes a sociological phenomenon with devastating consequences for mankind. The attitude that some ETs have toward humanity is that we are a creation, property, things that can be done with as they please. Others believe mankind must be managed, controlled for our own good. Ultimately ET's presence on earth means human kind looses their freedom, it's not we who are in control but they who control us.

My source of information is from the originator of ETís galactic exploration program. She founded the concept that turned the tide as to whether ET would explore the galaxy for intelligent life. She has been given the name of "Heaven" or "Ouranos", the greek translation which she prefers, by her people. She feels a sense of regret as to what started as a quest for knowledge has now turned to an abusive conquest. She states that she was naive in not realizing that any species with a sense of curiosity to explore is in actuality and even perhaps unknowingly setting out to dominate and conquer.

Suprisingly I was later banned from the Raelian board...I guess I was blasphemous.