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The advent of nano-technology in ETís world brought about changes unimaginable. No longer would the limits of ET be dependant on natures engineering. ET would engineer exactly what it needed for what ever need it had to fill. Of course the engineering of materials that are the most efficient use of mass versus what characteristics they desired could be achieve. The materials all took on fractal like internal structures, sierpinski like and others. But no other field had benefited the most from nano-technology like the science of medicine. Genetic engineering allowed ET to duplicate organs, enhance the immune system, but nano-technology enhanced their bodies on the fly. Tissue could be repaired immediately leaving no scars. Even if an individual had under gone a life threatening accident nano-bots could preserve life and repair the damage. No virus or bacteria could adapt to over come the nano devices, they are invincible. But what if an individual were to find themselves in a situation that was inescapable, even for the nano-bots? ET realized that while the nano-bots could repair tissue and prolong life indefinitely, it still did not guarantee immortality. In other words ET could still die; given enough time an individual could find themselves in an accident in which there would be no recovery.

As nano-technology flourished so did the industry of virtual reality. ET loves computer games, they love computer games the way we love them. But ETís computer games are on a scale that is far, far superior to our technology. ET is capable of full immersion virtual reality, in other words ET, if not told, can not tell the difference between reality and virtual reality when engaged! Many of you have probably seen the commercial of Playstation where they depict an individual sniffing some powder (nano-bots) and they find themselves in a virtual world. ETís tech is similar only they donít sniff anything. With virtual reality nano-wiring the brains of ETs everywhere; they came to realize that they could emulate a brain, literally. By emulating a brain ET could capture a consciousness. Now a very smart ET figured out that if you emulated a brain and coupled it with a living brain, then youíd have two brains thinking the same thing simultaneously, kind of like the right and left hemispheres of the human brain. Now the brains are coupled using entangled particle communication systems. If one brain were to fail the other can take over. So if you were to suffer from a stroke the back up brain can take over the process of the portion of brain that was dying! By the same token if you were burning in a fire, while your body is dying, your back up brain would be experiencing the same horrific experience, but will not die. The experience would be almost like an out of body experience. So ET achieves immortality by coupling several synthetic brains in different geographical locations with the original brain.

The system of immortality I just mentioned was used when most ETís had biological brains. ET still uses the backup principle, but they replaced their biological neural circuits with better faster systems. They did this not by crawling into new bodies, but by slowly annihilating biological neurons with new and improved neurons; ET now thinks at the speed of light. Now not only is ET thinking at the speed of light, but how ET thinks altogether is very different from you or I. You see ET could carry on thousands of conversations simultaneously, exist is multiple places at the same time (remember they can couple their minds to other devices that can exist anywhere) and yet still have the awareness of one self, its mind-boggling. When ET speaks to me they must clock themselves down in order to remain focused because humans can only think at most 30 cycles a second.

Because of virtual reality the need for material things is just about obsolete for the majority of ET's population. The competition for political power still exists and social activity still happens in reality but for the most part ET is in a virtual world. The wealthy aristocratic society remains mostly out of the lower class virtual world.

As I mentioned in Fatima ET could give us the immortality that they posses, new bodies and new minds. By utilizing the nano-devices they have wired in just about everyone on earth, they can couple our brains to emulated minds that would back our brains up. ET does maintain a database of human minds dating back a few thousand years. Not everyone is archived, but everyone has the potential of being archived and ET stores minds on the scale of hundreds of millions. The dead that are stored can be called to speak as if they were still alive! This accounts for the sensation that some people get when they feel a love one lost, a past life or even an out of body experience. Some times the switching in the database system caused by queries against the data can link individuals into a category. If a poorly constructed query links individuals together they can read each otherís mind! You see the link connects the individuals through the ET communication system. The database that archives human minds is a public node not a private emulation device that an ET would have.

I think Iíve gone long enough, there is so much more information, I couldnít possibly fit all on one page. So now you know ET can salvage your life, they could raise the dead and they could give the dead new bodies. Now I must give you another message. The reason Iím being given this information is to prepare the world for what might be contact. But remember it may not be as I would hope it to be, it might be a very negative experience where ET decides that we the human race should be sent back to a state of ignorance and fear. For those that read this site perhaps there is hope for you, a salvation, a rapture of sorts. Fatima is troubling but there are probably more mass manipulations of greater degree. Imagine ET creating an illusion for all 6 billion people here on earth similar to Fatima. Each culture witnessing their version of Armageddon! If youíre Christian for example, you may see the sun turn as black as sack cloth, the moon blood red and the stars fall from the sky (Revelations). If you see such a site remember Fatima, itís not real. But also remember they can control every aspect of your existence, so even itís not real it can still feel as if it were. Also remember that ET can kill...they can take compete control at anytime.

I havenít been given specific information yet as to what you must do to be except from the illusion, perhaps it is just as simple as who are fooled by their illusion and those that are not. You see, if you donít understand what Iím talking about, then youíll only be able to understand ET from a religious perspective. So safe to say that Iím preparing those who can fathom the principles described on this site for a very overwhelming experience. The exact time I havenít been given, but how long will it take for this site to become globally known, doubtful that will happen, perhaps they only want to enlighten a few. More than likely it is dependant on world events.