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World Events

03/11/2003 World events as they stand now will have devastating consequences for our futures. If the United States invades Iraq, with out the United Nations approval, the prospects of a world government will surely dim. ET recognizes that perhaps heavy-handed saber rattling may be required to motivate Iraq to disarm.If the situation escalates to the state of war, then the incentive for world nations is to arm themselves rather than negotiate through a UN council. Itís like a vigilante seeking justice rather than following the law of the land and seeking justice through the courts. On the other hand, the risk that the United States is taking by circumventing the legal recourse of the UN may intimidate nations to the will of a powerful nation. The logic is that to compete to the level of the US militaryís technology would be an over burdening cost on any nation. Such a barrier would leave nations no choice but to comply with US demands. This course is dangerous and if it fails we will see the disintegration of the United Nations and a scaling up of armament amongst nations. This prospect could lead to a new cold war and possibly WWIII. If such a scenario pans out, then ET may be prepared to take the role of World Government. What that could mean is instilling in humanity the fear of God.The contact experience will not be pleasant and you will hear those who never read this site how God moved the heavens. Scientist will testify that a power has control over space, time and matter. The illusion, as it did in Fatima, will blind humanity.